Hip osteoarthritis


Coxarthrosis: solutions and therapies


Hip osteoarthritis (or coxarthrosis) is a disabling degenerative disease that affects many people and can cause discomfort even during the most common daily activities. To combat the coxarthrosis there are several therapies and solutions to be evaluated depending on the stage of the disease advancement. In some cases, behind an insistent and troublesome hip pain, a principle of osteoarthritis can hide and it can seriously compromise the autonomy of movement. Coxarthrosis damages more people between 40 and 60 years; it damages more frequently women and people with problems of overweight or obesity. Hip osteoarthritis can be of primary type, or dictated by a genetic predisposition, or of secondary type, i.e. after accidents or other traumatic episodes. The doctor will assess the patient on the basis of risk factors (age, body weight, family history, previous surgeries) and the state of the articulation (degree of mobility, dysmetria, pain centre).

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