Acetabular labrum


Hip arthroscopy: safe and reliable treatment


The acetabular labrum is a ring-fibrocartilage structure attached to the bony edge of the cotile. The structure and the shape closely resemble the menisci of the knee, although the labrum has a more stable anchorage and it is placed outside the articular surfaces. Young-adults practicing contact sports activities (football, rugby, American football, motocross, martial arts, etc.) or requiring extensive joint excursions (dance) are the most at risk category. They are at risk not only for the primitive injuries, such as those that involve conformed joints but also for those secondary to dysplasia or femoroacetabular impingement. The high functional stress, in fact, seems to accelerate the manifestation of secondary labral damage, making them precociously symptomatic.
The labral tears are predominantly localized in the anterior-upper region, there are two possible explanations; a traumatic aetiology and a dysmorphic disorder. The traumatic origin consists in the possibility that this area is subjected to peaks of stress during the movement; that dysmorphic involves a bone conflict between the femoral neck and the anterior-superior margin of the acetabulum.

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