Hip anatomy


Study of coxofemoral articulation


The hip anatomy, or coxofemoral articulation, is responsible for establishing the union between the lower extremity and the pelvis. It is an articulation of the ball and socket joint type: movable articulation (diarthrosis), whose articular surfaces are formed by a spherical or semi-spherical shape and by a spherical concavity.
The coxofemoral articulation is formed by the articular surfaces of the head of femur, spherical and convex, and the acetabulum or cotyloid cavity, spherical and concave.
The head of femur, rounded and smooth, represents approximately two thirds of a ball. It is oriented obliquely upward, inward and forward. At the level of the articular surface, in the union between the lower third with the two upper thirds there is a small wrinkled depression called the fovea of the head, fovea capitis, where the round ligament is inserted and extends itself to the acetabular , of an average length of 30-35 mm.
At the bottom of this pit you can find numerous small orifices through which the arterial vessels penetrate the femoral head.

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